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Linda C. Manchester, President and Founder of Essential Solutions, LLC, has over twenty-four years of experience in information/computer technology and telecommunications operations and infrastructure. Throughout her career as a Product Management Vice President, Sales Vice President, General Manager, Market Manager, and Strategy Director, Linda has always focused on and excelled in understanding her customers’ needs and applying that knowledge to create effective, targeted solutions in support of their goals. Customers and industry colleagues respect her integrity and trust her technical and business judgment.


President and Founder

Essential Solutions, LLC offers comprehensive solutions to maximize an organization's operational efficiency for all size of businesses, from the small emerging ones to the Fortune 500. Initially, it is serving telecom providers and suppliers as well as government contractors. However, its services are transferable to all industries and functions.


Essential Solutions is fortunate to have Tekmark Global Solutions, LLC (Tekmark Website) as a Strategic Alliance Partner. Tekmark Global Solutions is a steadily growing, $160 million telecom and IT service company that has been delivering services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies for over twenty-five years. Tekmark has a full spectrum of capabilities ranging from rapid access to tens of thousands of highly skilled network and systems developers, engineers, architects, technicians, and security experts; to highly qualified solutions and project management professionals; to replicable solution practices; and to scalable proprietary project management software platforms. Through the strategic alliance, Essential Solutions can draw upon Tekmark’s wide range of attributes to fulfill many of its recommended client offers with competitive, complete solutions.