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Essential Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned offer development and solutions engineering firm that helps businesses and organizations optimize technology for operational excellence and expense reduction. Essential Solutions is dedicated to creating offers with demonstrable business benefits and delivering solutions that make business operations run more smoothly and less expensively. Whether a business is looking to decommission legacy systems, consolidate overlapping systems, migrate to a different technology infrastructure, or outsource non-core functions/services, Essential Solutions is equipped to recommend solutions that will meet the needs of the business both temporally and financially. Before recommending a solution, Essential Solutions performs extensive due diligence and analysis to be certain that the client’s current situation/problems and future aspirations/goals are clearly understood. Then Essential Solutions combines that in-depth client knowledge with experiential knowledge to create a recommended offer backed by a realistic business case. Essential Solutions is committed to being a company with an impeccable delivery track record and viewed by its clients as a dependable business partner, an extension of their own business.



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